Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From what age can you wear a protective mask?

Health authorities recommend wearing a mask from the age of 7 years old . It can be worn without respiratory dangers from 2 years old, but children under 7 years old will often wear the mask wrong or touch their face constantly. In these cases, it is best not to wear a mask.

How do I wash my protective fabric mask?

In the washing machine, at 60°C in short cycle in a washing net. The drying must be complete and very fast. For more details, please see our user guide

Do I have to put my mask in the washing machine between 2 uses?

We recommend using the washing machine. It is also possible to use an iron with steam between two washes for more thorough cleaning. See more details in our user guide . CAUTION: do not iron the Atelier 29 logo

Can I put my cloth mask in the dryer?

The use of the dryer is not recommended to preserve the effective lifespan of the mask

How many washes can my anti virus mask take?

The independent laboratory in which our masks have been tested guarantees a minimum of 10 washes at 60 ° without damaging the straps. The effective life of the mask can be extended considerably depending on its use. To extend the life of your mask, please consult our user guide .

How can I optimize the life of my mask?

In order to optimize the life of the anti virus mask, it is recommended to iron it with steam between two washes. This should be done on an ironing board.

How long can I wear the protective mask without washing it?

The wearing time of the mask recommended by the French health authorities is 4 hours. The mask must be washed at the end of 4 hours and dried before being able to be reused, according to the indications described in this FAQ or, failing that, in the user guide.

Can I wear my protective mask immediately after buying it?

It is recommended to wash the mask once before the first use , following the indications described in this FAQ or, failing that, in the user guide.

Does the fabric mask exonerate other barrier gestures?

No, it is advisable to apply social distancing measures and to use alcohol-based gel regularly.

Is my mask reversible?

No, it must be worn with the stitches facing inwards, in contact with the mouth or nose in order to guarantee the hygienic conditions of use of the mask. The external part can be soiled and above all must not come into contact with the mouth, nose and hands.