Our Story

A mask against the Coronavirus

Spring 2020 - as the coronavirus pandemic ravages France, a small team at the heart of the Camus cognac house - located at 29 Rue Marguerite de Navarre in Cognac - decided to join forces to create a protective face mask against the coronavirus for our loved ones, colleagues and communities . We chose high quality local fabrics to create an effective, washable, comfortable and elegant protective mask . This united effort marked the creation of Atelier 29.


A protective mask for everyone!

These cloth masks were so well received, had so much value in the eyes of their recipients that we then decided to continue and expand our activity to offer our comfortable, practical and eco-friendly anti virus face mask for all people!




A washable mask to protect your loved ones and the planet

We realized that we could make a real difference by protecting against the virus , by protecting people's jobs, which were threatened by the outbreak, and by protecting the planet < / strong> against the scourge of disposable masks that pollute our sidewalks, our rivers, our seas. With each purchase of this mask, you support the health of your communities, the French workforce and the environment! Protect yourself. Protect the planet.



L'équipe du masque Atelier 29